Investment in Learning & Development


Investing in learning and development is a sore subject for many. When the question is posed it’s often related to how much is spent on learning and development (or training) of employees.

But how much invested in the L&D team?

As L&D professionals we ensure that others are encouraged to develop and are also encouraged to keep up to date with CPD. However, how much CPD or L&D have L&D professionals undertaken in the last year? How many L&D professionals have, and maintain, a training portfolio etc.

Isn’t it equally important to ensure that, as an L&D professional, you:

  • have your own L&D planned for the year
  • have your CPD in your diary
  • have the right blogs, magazines and online resources coming into your inbox
  • are at the top of your game!

At the British Institute for Learning & Development we encourage all of our members to attend CPD events. To that end we facilitate 6 per year, along with online CPD sessions. We also encourage ongoing professional development. We recommend The Training Foundation’s TAP qualifications to ensure that you are up to date with your skills and the latest trends in learning & development.

As a responsible L&D professional you can easily be designing you own personal L&D programme. The way to become successful is to not only develop your personal plan but find a way to ensure that you can make sure that it happens!

So when is your next learning event?

Rich Wootten (TAP.Cert, MBILD)

Business Manager

The British Institute for Learning & Development


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