What makes TAP Training the Defacto Training provider of choice?

Last week I had the pleasure of being able to attend The Training Foundation’s TAP Certificate in Training Delivery.

The Training Foundation delivered the process in three distinct phases – Style, Structure and Activity.

Without giving away too much of the Training Foundation’s ‘trade secrets’, over the 5 day course we learnt all about the Queen’s Award for Innovation – winning ‘Style’, ‘Structure’ and ‘Activity’ profiles. This was delivered in small bite-sized engaging chunks.

It became evident as we learned that the trainer was using the exact same techniques to deliver our training.

In comparison to a City & Guilds ‘trainer the trainer’ programme that I had previously attended we were not baffled with academic knowledge around Blooms Taxonomy or Kolb’s Cycle of Learning, although Adult Learning principles are provided by TAP in a separate module. What we learned was a straightforward training delivery process that could be implemented instantly in the workplace, for maximum impact on business performance. The Training Foundation has done is truly understood what we actually need to know and focused on developing critical delivery skills.

The great thing is, I can see now why companies would send all of their training teams on TAP-certificated courses because once your whole team are talking “TAPanese” the quality, consistency and objective measurement of delivery is significantly improved.

The British Institute for Learning & Development verify and award the TAP Certificates and Diplomas, but if we didn’t I would still highly recommend this course to any L&D professional, irrespective of experience or qualification.


Rich Wootten

Business Manager

The British Institute for Learning & Development.


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