Demonstrate Quality In L&D

How do you demonstrate the quality of your learning and development?

If you are working as part of an L&D team, you might be asked this question. You can point to the qualifications of your team, you might have even found a way to measure the all illusive return on investment… but as an L&D team it is hard to benchmark yourself with similar companies or competitors.

And if you are learning provider how do you demonstrate to a client whom you’ve meet for the first time that your learning and development or training delivery is better the XYZ’s down the road, or how do you justify that you’re 10% more expensive that XYZ?

What is the answer?

There is no definite answer because each manager and each client will have a different set of criteria by which to judge you. Hopefully it won’t just be on price.

However, at the British Institute for Learning & Development we have something that might be able to help you evidentially demonstrate your quality. Over the last few years we’ve developed the BILD Quality Mark. This is a 12 point peer review of your learning and development.

This can help when you are asked to evidence your claim that your L&D is good quality. As a BILD Quality Mark holder you can categorically state that your L&D has been peer reviewed by the leading British L&D Institute.

The cost of the BILD Quality Mark has been reduced by 50% if booked in January or February. email for more information.


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