What Have We Really Learnt in 2015

As we approach the end of the year we await the many blogs that review the year’s learning, reflections on the Big Events and the top ten things about XZY learning.

However we wanted to reflect on our experiences this year, as a business we deepened our relationship with the Training Foundation and aligned our joining criteria to their TAP qualifications as a result we were able to reduce our annual membership fees by almost 70% is some cases.

We also attended two of the big conferences this year: Learning and Skills in January which we felt is a poor relation to Learning Tech and we also attended World Of Learning in September. We attend World of Learning every year and are a big supporter of their work.

However at World of Learning this year we confirmed that it was by far our best year ever, and we reflected on why.

Some of the reasons we that we had a new and exciting story to tell, in that we launched our new membership joining criteria on the first day of the event. We were surprised at how well that was received.

Another reason my have been due to changes to our quality mark, which no longer requires membership of the Institute in order to become assessed.

Also World of Learning had some news strategies they held a Learning Design Live event and a fringe seminar programme.

We also compared World or Learning to Learning and Skills; our view is that because L&S is partnered with Learning Tech and based in London more people attend, however, many in our opinion are there anyway and come for a nose about, whereas World of Learning is based at the NEC in Birmingham as a result less people attend this event. Whilst less people attend the event we believe that attendees have to make an effort to go, therefore they are going for a reason.

We feel that this is what makes World of Learning a better show; again this year (2015) was still the best year ever with more people expressing an interest in joining the Institute than any of the previous events.


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