Important Information Regarding membership of the BILD

Dear Members

For a number of years the BILD has had a relationship with the Training Foundation and we have been impressed by the speed with which the TAP Programme has been adopted by employers across all strands of the private and public sectors. Today, there are more than 25,000 TAP-Certified L&D practitioners employed in more than 1,400 UK organisations and others in 32 countries.

The Board of the BILD has reached the conclusion that the TAP Programme now enables the Institute to move towards its key objective of professionalising a career in L&D. Today, at the World of Learning exhibition, the British Institute for Learning & Development was pleased to announce a deeper relationship with The Training Foundation.

This relationship is a great step forward for the industry, it has long been a passion of the BILD to have the industry properly recognised as a true profession and now by ensuring that future members of the BILD have invested in a high standard of education we can boast that claim.

In order to better professionalise the learning and development industry we will now insure that from the 1st October 2015 all new applicants will need to first hold a TAP qualification. This enables us to guarantee that our members are qualified to a very high and consistent standard.

What does this mean to you, our current members?

Your membership and membership level of the BILD will not change, and this is great news for you, because as a result of this relationship we can now offer the following:

1.       Reduced Annual membership fees

From the 1st Oct these are now reduced from

·       £120 to £40 for Associates

·       £130 to £50 for Members

·       £140 to £60 for Fellows

We have now taken away the International membership, so there will be no difference in Membership between UK members and International members.

2.       Sustain the Institute

As a result of this new relationship we are able to ensure the Institute’s growth for years to come, so there will always be a champion for L&D professionals.

3.       Discounted access to TAP Qualifications

In order to ensure that you can continue to develop professionally we have secured a 50% discount on TAP qualification from the Training Foundation.


In summary your membership and level will not change as long as you remain a member of the BILD, we have ensured the BILD will be here for many years to come, the cost of membership of the BILD has almost halved and you will be able to get huge discounts off TAP courses.

We believe that this is excellent news for the institute and we are proud to partner with the Training Foundation.

Yours sincerely,

David Apparicio                                                                          Rich Wootten

Chairman                                                                                   Business Manager

British Institute for Learning & Development                             British Institute for Learning & Development


Is the Role of the Company Trainer Dead?

Once apon a time there was a company trainer, his name was Johnny and his job was to make sure that all the employees of ACME Engineering company got all the training that the company decided that they needed.

As it was an engineering company and Johnny used to be an engineer; his job was relatively easy, in fact, Johnny still considered himself an engineer, just one who’d become so skilled in his job that he could teach others how to do it.

And Johnny went on like this for years. However, the world outside of ACME Engineering changed in those years, and the workforce fell behind, innovation just wasn’t happening in ACME and the bosses said that the staff needed more training, Johnny felt out of his depth…

And so modern learning and development hit ACME Engineering with a thump! As changes needed to be made.

OK this is a rather simple example but you get where I’m going with this.

So is the role of the company trainer dead? Well I’d hope for all employees everywhere that the “Johnny’s” of the world have retired or updated to become L&D professionals. There may be one or two out there.

I don’t think that the role of the Classic Company trainer is dead, however I think it has changed beyond what Johnny may recognise it to be, for a example many no longer refer to themselves as Trainers, we’re much more used to being called L&D professionals now. The role has also significantly changed, in that it focuses on the needs of the learner and aligns that with the objectives of the Company. Also there is a recognition that one L&D professional can’t be “All things to All men” and that external organisations have to be brought in to deliver certain things such as implementing E-Learning or delivering specialist training; therefore the role might encompass other things such as procurement and networking. Plus there is now an opportunity to work at a strategic level to set the direction of the organisation and to create a learning culture from within.

In conclusion the role is dead, in the way I described it with Johnny (thankfully!), but it has changed and developed it to a much more vibrant and influential role that is pivotal to the success of an organisation and it’s people.